A Proposed Road Map of Plugin Development

About this Document

At present this is just some ideas I have. The primary purpose of this document is therefore to serve as a starting point for goal setting.

Call it a 'straw man', or 'target practice'. Its purpose is to have people take shots at it. Expect it to change without warning based on those discussions.

Road Map

Overall Goals:

Release 1.2.8

The primary goal of release 1.2.8 will be to resolve all outstanding bugs and document functioning on a variety of platforms, including Linux (Redhat 5.2/6.0/6.1, Suse, Corel, Caldera, Debian), FreeBSD, Solaris, HPUX, and IRIX)

The goal is to compile and run with no warns on all of the systems named.


Release 1.3.n

Development branch.

Release 1.4.n

Stable release to be based off 1.3.n branch

Please make comments on netsaintplug-devel@lists.sourceforge.net

Karl DeBisschop